The importance of friends.


Everyone needs a friend. Someone who understands you, someone who will be there for you no matter what. Nobody wants to be alone if they have a choice. Even the loneliest of people yearn for a friend, and we are lucky to have people who care about us in our lives.

Although our friends are not related to us, they love and encourage us like we are family. And that is basically the beauty of friendship. The ability to love beyond family, beyond gender, race or religion. Friends are people who will see past our flaws, and instead, show us the perfection in our imperfections. They are the first ones you turn to when you experience joy, or when you just need a shoulder to cry on.

Woman crying  59331214

Unlike family, who we sometimes view as too busy to share minor problems with, we know that we can always turn to our friends for support and motivation. Our friends are the ones who encourage us to try out for a new CCA, push us to step out of our comfort zone, and think outside of the box.

Everybody is different in their own way, and that is what makes each and every friend special to us. They can never be replaced, and if we lose that friend we know that we may never meet someone like that again. For this reason, we are careful not to hurt our friends, and our friends are careful not to hurt us.

It is funny how you never realise what you are missing until you experience it for the first time. Friendship is one of the few things that has always and will always be held dear and near to people, and because of this; it is easy to say that friendship will always be important.


BY Charmaine Shamila (2)


4 thoughts on “The importance of friends.

  1. Hi Charmaine! I agree with you that friends are the most important people we must have i our life, and everyone needs at least a friend or two. Friends are our motivation! Good job! (^-^)

  2. I agree that friends will be there for you through your darkest moments and everyone needs a friend in their life!

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