”Which is more important, friend or family?”

In life, there are times whereby we will be forced to face inevitable dilemmas or sacrifices in this seemingly unfair society. Times like this are hard to deal with as one has to think through everything and sort their thoughts accordingly and there might be situations whereby you are unsure whether a certain decision is this the best for you and everyone. What if this particular decision benefits everyone except you but this is your job and you have to consider your peers first even if you are at a lost? What will you do than? Of course, one will have to seek another’s opinion to find out help them finalise their decision and this is why the people around us such as our friends and family are important to us. However, if I have to rank their importance I personally believe that family should always come first but our friends also play a huge role in our life and we should acknowledge them as well.


To start off, our family are the ones who grant us our first breath. They were our very first teachers, they taught us how to walk, how to write and other basic lessons in life. When we fall sick, they will shower us with undying care and attention especially our parents who will stay stay up late to change our towels when we have a fever despite having to work the next day. Our siblings who will keep us company and with them around, we will also be able to learn morals such as sharing and taking care of each other. Furthermore, the joy of returning home after a long day of school knowing that there is someone whose going to be waiting for you to return and they are your grandparents. They are the ones who will take care of you and prepare your meals when your parents are at work. Even though there is a generation gap between our grandparents and us but the values that they often mention to us are so much more valuable. They went through so much in life to be able to tell us the hardships we were going to face as we grow up and how we should study hard and prepare for them. A family tie is an unbreakable bond and Im thankful for such a lovely family.


Secondly, they are people who deem friends as unessary and that might be a reason why they feel family support is all they need. A recent study found out that there is a significant rise in the number of people who had no close friends, these people might have fell out with their friends causing them to choose not have any friends to prevent themselves from experiencing the pain of a friend leaving them. Also, some of them might be too reserved or shy to actually interact with another stranger therefore they find it tough to have friends as they can’t bring themselves to approach the other party. However, their family has been since young and they are the only people who will overlook their flaws thus they find it more comfortable to confide in their families.

Lastly, some may feel that friends are the greatest gifts to mankind. The quote ‘ a friend is someone who believes in you when you fail to believe in yourself explains the role of a friend. Friends are like your family with no blood relation, they will always be there for you too whether the times are good or bad. When we are happy, they will laugh with us, when we are engulfed with pain and disappointment, they will offer us their listening ear. A true friend reads your action and intention like a book, he or she will be able to know what are your thoughts through little things where you yourself are not even aware of. Still, many people take their friends for granted thinking that it is a must for their friends to always accommodate to their needs. When you have friends, you will never feel lonely. Therefore, friends are indispensable in our life.


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In a nutshell, both family and friends play a significant role in our live but in my opinion I believe that where ever we are, we must not forget where our roots are, so our family will always be more important compared to anyone else. A friend can aid us to a certain degree however their intentions are sometimes unclear, while our family would never deceive us or get us into any trouble as they will go all out for us. The saying goes ‘home is where the heart is’ inculcates that no place in this world can beat our cosy home where our family are.

BY Claudia Tan (17)


2 thoughts on “”Which is more important, friend or family?”

  1. Yes I do agree with you, Claudia! Our family members, especially our parents, have been there through every moment and stepping stone of our lives. We do owe them something that cannot be measured.

    Friendships and a family bonds has very different levels to it. Though some times we do feel as if we are closer to our friends than families especially during our adolescent years, subconsciously, we still love our family more than our friends.

    There’s a saying, ‘We can choose our friends, but we cannot choose our families’.

    Very wonderful and meaningful post!

  2. I agree that family is more important than family however friendship cannot be neglected as well. The content was great as you gave good reasons of why family is important and friendship too.
    In my opinion, I feel that although friends provide you with fun times, your family will always be there for you catching you whenever you fall. Great job! 🙂

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