World is better with a friend or two.


Have you ever wonder what will your life be if you have no friends, living life all by yourself? Surrounded by strangers, and everywhere you go there is not a single person you recognize. The world is changing, society changing, even technology are so advanced right now in the 21st Century. This causes stress among the people. A friend or even a group of friends are important people of our lives even if they are older or younger, at least both parties enjoy each other’s’ companies in order to live life to the fullest.

Well…. What is a true friend? To me, a true friend is there for you no matter what. They don’t lie to you. They also keep their promises and most importantly don’t stab you in the back.

Friends show appreciation, sympathy, empathy and correct amount of affections with an example of Barney I love you song. Isn’t it good to have another extra person than your family members to care for you? When things get tough, they will be there for you making sure that problems are solved and also to make sure that you are alright.

Personally, I have a best friend that has been through thick and thin together for 3 years. (We are definitely still friends till now.) She taught me many things that I could never ever learn outside of the classroom. It is positive attitude towards life and how to be grateful for what I have. She told me to hang on even times are tough, things will eventually get better. I used to be very conscious and insecure about my looks and my weight. I went on extreme diets surviving on water and just breakfast for the whole day. This led me feeling very fatigue during the day, and not able to concentrate during lessons. After she realized of what I have been doing, she gave me a lecture. At first I felt like she doesn’t understand why I am doing this to myself.



I really want to be skinny, look good and feel good. Definitely I don’t feel good at all. She explained to me this isn’t the way to be on diet, and all I have to do is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Right there, I felt loved and nothing else. My first thought was there are actually people out there willing to care for me even they are not related to me. She told me to be grateful that I am physically perfect because there are people out there wanting to be physically perfect with no problem with their body. After that day, my mindset towards my body/looks changed.




So, a true friend doesn’t change who you are. He/she accepts and loves you for what you are and who you are. I hope that you people out there will find someone that will be your true friend for an eternity.

BY Sharmain Tan (16)


3 thoughts on “World is better with a friend or two.

  1. hi sharmaine! i definetly agree with what you said in the last part! i also think that if a friend cannot accept the way you are, how can they still be considered as a friend! i liked what say said for your personal experience as well. good work on the different pictures and videos!

  2. Quote: “Have you ever wonder what will your life be if you have no friends, living life all by yourself? Surrounded by strangers, and everywhere you go there is not a single person you recognize.” Life would be really scary if that really happens.
    Also, credits to you sharing your personal experience which is what many girls are facing nowadays. Hope that they’ll find a friend like yours to help them.

  3. Hey Sharmaine, it is pretty cool how you brought up your experiences with your friend and how she has always been there for you and gave you many good advices when you were in a state of low ego.

    I agree that there will be true friends in each and every one’s life at some point be it a close human friend or a pet dog. A true friend not changing who you are and supporting you no matter what you do is the best definition of a ‘true friend’.

    Thanks for sharing your personal story with your friend. Good post and keep up the great job.

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