Qualities of friend


If you look for the definition of friendship in the dictionary, it will tell you it is a state of being friends; friendly relation, or attachment, to a person, or between persons; affection arising from mutual esteem. That all sounds nice, but most importantly a true friendship is a relationship that can survive the test of time and remain unconditional. Friendship for most people is a combination of affection, loyalty, love, respect, and trust. True friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself and takes a position in your best interests in a crisis.

Friendship can mean different things to different people. For some people it is simply the trust that someone will not hurt you. For others it might be unconditional love or just normal companionship. Whatever your own definition is, friendship is often considered as a mutual and agreeable relationship between two individuals as it has been said that a person who finds a true friend has found a priceless treasure. A friendship will not survive very long if only one person is making the effort to sustain the relationship without any help or recognition from other person.

A true friend may have many different good qualities, but the basic qualities that all good friends share with one another are the most important. Friendships can begin very quickly; it takes time to build into long lasting and valuable relationships. Many people have said good friends are hard to find and hard to keep. A true friend can have many different good qualities, but the qualities that add up to true friendship is the most important.

People can have many good qualities, but the traits that your true friends have are all tied together by a core of basic qualities that all good friends share with one another. Listed here are some of the most essential qualities that a person needs to have in order to qualify as a true friend:


Loyalty is a quality that everyone looks for in a friend. A loyal friend will stick with you no matter what the situation is and you can always count on them being on your side.

Sensitive people make good friends because they often see life on their own terms which allows them to understand the thoughts and feeling of others.


Humor –
Life is better when approached with a good sense of humor and people that are happy and outgoing are a lot more fun to be around than someone who is depressed, moody and sees the empty half of the glass all the time.


Honesty –
Honesty may be the most important quality for friendship as it is difficult to befriend anyone who tells you lies and can’t be trusted. If you can trust someone to do the right thing in all situations and they are not tempted by temporary gain, it’s a good bet they will make a lasting friend.


Listening –
If someone just doesn’t “hear” what you’re saying when you confide in them, they won’t make a very good friend. Communication is a two-way street and being a good listener is one half of the equation.


Supportive –
A good friend will be supportive of you and your goals, and they will act accordingly. A true friend will help you become the person you want to be and know how to help you handle problems.

Generosity –
A good friend is openly generous in personality and character. They will be generous with both their time and their money, and they won’t hesitate to help you when needed.

It is not easy to be a good friend but one should always try their best to be their friend’s good friend. They should always put themselves in other people’s shoe and most importantly, they should treat others the way they want to be treated. It is not easy to find a true friend but if one has found, they should do their best to keep them by their side. Friends are the next people you can rely on other than your family members.

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allow you to grow.” ― William Shakespeare

BY Jasmine Ong (14)


”Which is more important, friend or family?”

In life, there are times whereby we will be forced to face inevitable dilemmas or sacrifices in this seemingly unfair society. Times like this are hard to deal with as one has to think through everything and sort their thoughts accordingly and there might be situations whereby you are unsure whether a certain decision is this the best for you and everyone. What if this particular decision benefits everyone except you but this is your job and you have to consider your peers first even if you are at a lost? What will you do than? Of course, one will have to seek another’s opinion to find out help them finalise their decision and this is why the people around us such as our friends and family are important to us. However, if I have to rank their importance I personally believe that family should always come first but our friends also play a huge role in our life and we should acknowledge them as well.


To start off, our family are the ones who grant us our first breath. They were our very first teachers, they taught us how to walk, how to write and other basic lessons in life. When we fall sick, they will shower us with undying care and attention especially our parents who will stay stay up late to change our towels when we have a fever despite having to work the next day. Our siblings who will keep us company and with them around, we will also be able to learn morals such as sharing and taking care of each other. Furthermore, the joy of returning home after a long day of school knowing that there is someone whose going to be waiting for you to return and they are your grandparents. They are the ones who will take care of you and prepare your meals when your parents are at work. Even though there is a generation gap between our grandparents and us but the values that they often mention to us are so much more valuable. They went through so much in life to be able to tell us the hardships we were going to face as we grow up and how we should study hard and prepare for them. A family tie is an unbreakable bond and Im thankful for such a lovely family.


Secondly, they are people who deem friends as unessary and that might be a reason why they feel family support is all they need. A recent study found out that there is a significant rise in the number of people who had no close friends, these people might have fell out with their friends causing them to choose not have any friends to prevent themselves from experiencing the pain of a friend leaving them. Also, some of them might be too reserved or shy to actually interact with another stranger therefore they find it tough to have friends as they can’t bring themselves to approach the other party. However, their family has been since young and they are the only people who will overlook their flaws thus they find it more comfortable to confide in their families.

Lastly, some may feel that friends are the greatest gifts to mankind. The quote ‘ a friend is someone who believes in you when you fail to believe in yourself explains the role of a friend. Friends are like your family with no blood relation, they will always be there for you too whether the times are good or bad. When we are happy, they will laugh with us, when we are engulfed with pain and disappointment, they will offer us their listening ear. A true friend reads your action and intention like a book, he or she will be able to know what are your thoughts through little things where you yourself are not even aware of. Still, many people take their friends for granted thinking that it is a must for their friends to always accommodate to their needs. When you have friends, you will never feel lonely. Therefore, friends are indispensable in our life.


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In a nutshell, both family and friends play a significant role in our live but in my opinion I believe that where ever we are, we must not forget where our roots are, so our family will always be more important compared to anyone else. A friend can aid us to a certain degree however their intentions are sometimes unclear, while our family would never deceive us or get us into any trouble as they will go all out for us. The saying goes ‘home is where the heart is’ inculcates that no place in this world can beat our cosy home where our family are.

BY Claudia Tan (17)


The importance of friends.


Everyone needs a friend. Someone who understands you, someone who will be there for you no matter what. Nobody wants to be alone if they have a choice. Even the loneliest of people yearn for a friend, and we are lucky to have people who care about us in our lives.

Although our friends are not related to us, they love and encourage us like we are family. And that is basically the beauty of friendship. The ability to love beyond family, beyond gender, race or religion. Friends are people who will see past our flaws, and instead, show us the perfection in our imperfections. They are the first ones you turn to when you experience joy, or when you just need a shoulder to cry on.

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Unlike family, who we sometimes view as too busy to share minor problems with, we know that we can always turn to our friends for support and motivation. Our friends are the ones who encourage us to try out for a new CCA, push us to step out of our comfort zone, and think outside of the box.

Everybody is different in their own way, and that is what makes each and every friend special to us. They can never be replaced, and if we lose that friend we know that we may never meet someone like that again. For this reason, we are careful not to hurt our friends, and our friends are careful not to hurt us.

It is funny how you never realise what you are missing until you experience it for the first time. Friendship is one of the few things that has always and will always be held dear and near to people, and because of this; it is easy to say that friendship will always be important.


BY Charmaine Shamila (2)


World is better with a friend or two.


Have you ever wonder what will your life be if you have no friends, living life all by yourself? Surrounded by strangers, and everywhere you go there is not a single person you recognize. The world is changing, society changing, even technology are so advanced right now in the 21st Century. This causes stress among the people. A friend or even a group of friends are important people of our lives even if they are older or younger, at least both parties enjoy each other’s’ companies in order to live life to the fullest.

Well…. What is a true friend? To me, a true friend is there for you no matter what. They don’t lie to you. They also keep their promises and most importantly don’t stab you in the back.

Friends show appreciation, sympathy, empathy and correct amount of affections with an example of Barney I love you song. Isn’t it good to have another extra person than your family members to care for you? When things get tough, they will be there for you making sure that problems are solved and also to make sure that you are alright.

Personally, I have a best friend that has been through thick and thin together for 3 years. (We are definitely still friends till now.) She taught me many things that I could never ever learn outside of the classroom. It is positive attitude towards life and how to be grateful for what I have. She told me to hang on even times are tough, things will eventually get better. I used to be very conscious and insecure about my looks and my weight. I went on extreme diets surviving on water and just breakfast for the whole day. This led me feeling very fatigue during the day, and not able to concentrate during lessons. After she realized of what I have been doing, she gave me a lecture. At first I felt like she doesn’t understand why I am doing this to myself.



I really want to be skinny, look good and feel good. Definitely I don’t feel good at all. She explained to me this isn’t the way to be on diet, and all I have to do is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Right there, I felt loved and nothing else. My first thought was there are actually people out there willing to care for me even they are not related to me. She told me to be grateful that I am physically perfect because there are people out there wanting to be physically perfect with no problem with their body. After that day, my mindset towards my body/looks changed.




So, a true friend doesn’t change who you are. He/she accepts and loves you for what you are and who you are. I hope that you people out there will find someone that will be your true friend for an eternity.

BY Sharmain Tan (16)